Trance Inducing Dance Music!

iʘne is Dominik's "Solo Live Instrumental Techno Project" and goes back to the results of trance research: the brain can enter a trance state as soon as a constant rhythm is played by a human being. Dance music is mainly produced electronically today and also compressed. This creates a disagreeable discrepancy for the listener: discos are actually ideal sites for trance experiences; Flickering light, alcohol, drugs and dance contribute to it. However, the brain can not positively process the musical impulses due to their lack of fluctuation. It creates stress that can last up to a week. It would be different if music were played instrumentally and live. Due to the appropriate speed and constant rhythmic emphasis (as is common in electro, house, techno and co), the frequency of the brain waves changes. But only if the music is played by a human, not a machine! Dominik wants to share in this primeval effect of music. He wants to revive the ecstatic and trance-inducing effect of music with archaic, pounding and repetitive rhythms.

"My music should serve as a gate for people to experience other states of consciousness.

It should sound so that people experience dancing, celebrations and the extraordinary. "

Dominik Johannes Richter has a vision: to bring the people and instruments back to the club stages of this world, to touch us with his music, to make us dance and to put you in ecstasy.

As a versatile musician with a comprehensive classical education Dominik comes from a musical family. He learned early drums, didgeridoo and trumpet, took lessons in percussion, bagpipe, Jew's harp, double bass, accordion and piano.

Through percussion, he learned medieval music and an instrument that would accompany him throughout his career: the Cornet or Cornetto. Following his passion for music, Dominik J. Richter studied music and dance in Vienna before devoting himself to the study of early music, first in Trossingen, then at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis in Basel. With masterclasses with Bruce Dickey, Frithjof Smith, Jamie Savan, Serge Delmas, Pedro Estevan, Jarrod Cagwin, Mizirli Ahmet, Glen Valez and Carlo Rizzo, Dominik took further inspiration to define his style.

Already in his youth he discovered the electronic music in addition to the omnipresent classical music. Although he was fascinated by their rhythms and the club culture, but dreamed of breathe real emotions with their instrumental lifelessness felt by him.

The catchy rhythms and the stylistics of electronic dance music such as techno, electro and trance awaken Dominik J. Richter with instruments to life, the archaic, pounding and repetitive rhythms bring people to dance. With club music made by human, he wants to offer a sound field that lets us feel the music deeply, puts us into real ecstasy and trance states, which we long for in the disco.

Dominik's heart's desire is to bring joy to people's hearts through his music, be it at the club or improvised setup almost anywhere in the world. He wants to play with like-minded musicians and let the audience experience the extraordinary.

Dominik J. Richter





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