9 reasons why I go this route:


I want to be free!

I want to create a world full of wonder and love.

I want to create moments that are oustanding.

I love to get people to dance with my music.

I love it when they jump across the dance floor screaming with joy.

I love to spend my life doing something that fulfills and brings joy to others.

I believe that we find spiritual fulfillment in the activity that our heart whispers to us.

I believe we can live in harmony with our environment without anyone having to go hungry or miss out.

I believe in a world full of freedom, in which all people can freely choose their profession and get everything they need to live.

With iʘne I take into account the results of Felicitas Goodman's trance research : the brain can enter a trance state (theta frequency) as soon as a person plays a constant rhythm. Music with high speed, high volume, lots of bass, simple rhythms, constant rhythmic emphasis and a duration of at least twenty minutes is conducive to such a trance. If such man-made live music were played in discos, they would be ideal places to get into a trance; because darkness, flickering light and dance intensify the trance-inducing effect of the music.

In fact, we almost always get to hear computer generated music in clubs.

If we look at some scientific studies on the processing of electronic and compressed music, we discover a discrepancy: machine-generated rhythms show no fluctuation. However, the brain needs fluctuation to enter the trance state. In nature there are no rhythms without fluctuations, so the brain cannot process these rhythms and is stressed. If the music is additionally compressed, as Mp3 for example, another stress factor arises because the brain has to compensate for the missing sounds. This stress can be measured for up to a week using the EEG. Stress is the opposite of theta frequency and the brain can only be in one state or the other. This means that the brain can only enter a music-induced trance if the rhythm heard is played by a person. I want to be that person! My vision is to bring people and instruments back to the club stages of this world and to touch you with my music, make you dance and put you in ecstasy.




As a versatile musician with extensive classical training, I come from a musical family. I learned drums, didgeridoo and trumpet at an early age and took lessons in percussion, bagpipes, jaw's harp, double bass, accordion and piano.

Through the percussion I got to know medieval music and an instrument that should continue to accompany me: the cornet or cornetto. Following my passion for music, I studied music- and movement pedagogy in Vienna in order to then devote myself to studying early music, first in Trossingen, then at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis in Basel. Masterclasses with Bruce Dickey, Frithjof Smith, Jamie Savan, Serge Delmas, Pedro Estevan, Jarrod Cagwin, Mizirli Ahmet, Glen Valez and Carlo Rizzo gave me further inspiration to define my style.

In my youth I discovered electronic music in addition to the ubiquitous classical music. Although I remained fascinated by their rhythms and the club culture, I dreamed of breathing real emotions into the lifelessness I felt with instruments.

I bring the catchy rhythms and the stylistics of electronic dance music such as techno, electro and trance to life with the didgeridoo, cajon and frame drum, the archaic, pounding and repetitive rhythms make people dance. With man-made club music, I want to offer a sound field that lets us feel the music deeply and puts us in real ecstasy and trance states.

It is my heart's desire to bring joy into people's hearts through my music. I want to play with like-minded musicians and let the audience experience something extraordinary.


"Something changed in my brain. I stopped thinking, just danced and felt."

Susanne S.

"Where does he get the breath from?"

Various people, everywhere.

"I've never experienced anything like it before. First you blew my brain away, then opened my heart. It healed something in me. The rest of the day I felt good and I stopped taking drugs."

Anonymous, Fractalia Festival.

"It was the best concert in my life"

Anonym, Colourful Tribe Gathering 2019

"So you can cut hair, cook and put people in ecstasy? That's awesome!"

Markus K., Ancient Trance Festival 2019

"When you started playing, I knew I had to dance. I danced and felt that you feel me and that you are playing what I feel. I looked around and saw in the other faces that they all felt the same and suddenly we were all one! "

Nieves A.M.

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Dominik J. Richter


Ameisbachzeile 14, B 61

1140 Wien, Österreich




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