Breath your self high

"When I had my first breathing experience, I felt like a singing bowl being struck for the first time. When I was able to think again, my first thought was: Wow, this is the state that I've tried to achieve with sex, drugs and alcohol"




Atem_Tanz combines three psychoactive breathing techniques with live organic trance music.

The workshop consists of a one-hour introduction and a two-hour breath_dance session.

There are countless ways to get into a trance or other states of consciousness through breathing. In many cultures, trance and breathing rituals are part of everyday life. In our culture this access has been lost and tries more or less unconsciously to bring itself to light again with discos and drugs. We want to open the space for ecstasy and trance with what is probably the most natural means - the breath.



  1. Learn three breathing techniques: 21-Breath, DMT-Breath and Shamanic-Breath

  2. Experience the energizing effects of breathing, dance and music



First part:

You will learn how you can bring yourself into altered states of consciousness through your breathing alone. If a few simple safety precautions are observed, the implementation is without major risks for people without illness and any technique can be ended immediately as soon as the experience becomes too intense. After you have learned the breathing techniques, you can do them yourself with the rhythm of the music in part 2.


Second part:

Dominik J. Richter and his one-man-band will play Organic Trance for you for two hours. Meanwhile, you can freely choose between breathing corner and dance floor. Breathing to the rhythm of the music can increase the effect enormously. In addition, music is played which, due to its characteristics, has the power to bring about changed states of consciousness. Together with breathing, dance and music you can experience a healing, relaxed and also very energizing state that can go beyond much that was previously known to you as an intoxicant.

Please bring comfortable clothes, a blanket, a pillow, and a water bottle. Good health is a prerequisite for participation. Definitely clarify if you are not sure about it.